You can "Call" (949-209-8946), "Text" (562-448-8999); or, "Email" (SuperGameBus@gmail.com) us and make a reservation.

Go to "CONTACT US" for more information.

All we need is the following:

1) Your first and last name.

2) Your email.

3) Full address on where the party will be.

4) Date of your event.

5) Time of your event.

6) Type of event.

7) Your phone numbe

8) Approx. on how many gamers will be there.

9) Approx. age range of the gamers.

D) Method of payment. Cash on the day of the event, or credit card which we will charge a few days before your event.

1) After you make the party reservations with us, upon your request, we will mail to you a packet of invitations. The cards are free for the asking. Up to 30 cards.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks, put a stamp on and mail the invitations to your guests.

2) Around 2 days before your party, we will contact you to remind you of your party and to tell you that we have not forgot about you. After we call you, we will charge your credit card, unless you are paying with cash.

3) We come to your location, turn off the engine of the Super Game Bus and turn on our propane generators. (Propane generators do not produce toxic fumes)

We set everything up and you do not have to worry about a thing. You can enjoy the party while we entertain your guests. We supply a Game Master. Depending on the length of your party and the size of the group, we may have to add another Game Master to handle the crowd.

4) During the party, we will make sure your guests are having fun with the games. We will get the games started, help with the games and make sure everyone is having fun.

5) We change the games as many times as the children want. We have over 90 games to choose from and we have multiples of most of the popular games.