We started the Super Game Bus business in 2010 with 1985 school bus. We gutted it, used the original seats and stalled 7 50" Tvs, 3 AC units, and 2 huge propane generators to power everything.

We turned this school bus into the ultimate gaming machine. Our theme is "Let’s all have fun" ! Let the parents enjoy their side of the party while the kids enjoy their side of the party. We keep the kids entertained so the parents can totally relax.

Whether you are a hard core gamer; or, want to play for the fun of it, we have it all.

There are enough games to satisfy all age groups and it includes girls to.

If you are 7 years old, we have the right games. (children 6 years or younger, may have a difficult time understanding on how to play the games)

If you are a teenager, we also have the right games, and some of those games can be system linked together for added excitement.

Also, we do not limit ourselves to who you are. If a bouncer will not do because if you are physically challenged, then the Super Game Bus is perfect.

If your child has ADD or ADHD, then the Super Game Bus is perfect. Because the children are so focused on playing video games. And, they will be all together having fun.

Also, “The Super Game Bus” is a great idea because:

The Super Game Bus have all the TVs inside. The party is not split into 2 areas inside and outside.

Since all the TVs are inside the buses, we come to you Rain; or, Shine !!!

The "Super Game Bus" is not dependant upon the weather . You do not have to worry about what type of weather it is going to be during your party; therefore, you do not have to cancel your party.
If you are claustrophobic, have no fear, these buses are huge inside.
The Super Game Bus has high powered A/C units (not fans). We will make it nice and cool on those hot days.

There are 7 50” Plasma Tvs. If you have a split screen or even a quad screen, the images are still big enough for an awesome experience.
Did we say we come to your party - Rain or Shine !